Undergraduate Scholarship Opportunities

Mastercard Foundation renewed its partnership with Makerere University for the second phase of the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program spanning until 2034. The second phase of the Program will offer 1000 Scholarships for 10 years, for selected Undergraduate and Master's Academic Programmes at the Makerere University Main Campus.

The Program aims to deepen inclusive University education and empower the youth to transform into leaders who will make meaningful contributions to national and regional development.

a) Only students with the minimum requirementsto be admitted to Makerere University -Main Campus from
the categories specified in the advertisement are eligible to apply. A Completed form should be submitted to One of the Following Options;

  1. Hand deliver the hard copy form to the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at Makerere University Offices located at Plot 144, Pool Road, Makerere University.
  2. Send a scanned copy of the Scholarship Application form and all other documents (scanned and attached as ONE DOCUMENT) through the following email address: makscholarsapplications@gmail.com
  3. Apply directly online via (Link at the bottom)

b) Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for further selection engagements.

Note that the application form is NOT FOR SALE and NO PAYMENTS should be made by the applicant at
any stage of the selection process.

The deadline for submission is Friday 14th June 2024 at 5.00 pm EAT.

Applicants are advised to carefully read the application guidelines below before filling in the form.


To be eligible to apply for the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at Makerere University, the following conditions must be met:

  1. The applicant must be qualifying for admission at Makerere University’s main campus, for the Undergraduate Degree Programmes under the Private Sponsorship Scheme. Therefore, all applicants should apply for admission at Makerere University’s main campus under the Private Sponsorship Scheme (when advertised). Once admitted to Makerere University’s main campus, then your application for the Mastercard Foundation Scholarship at Makerere University shall be considered for the due selection processes. 
  2. The Applicant must have completed the Advanced level education (or its equivalent) in an African Country
  3. The Mastercard Foundation Scholars are restricted to individuals facing significant financial hardship.
  4. Applicants must demonstrate leadership potential and a record of community service
  5. Applicants should not be holders of any other Scholarship.
  6. Applicants should not have registered for or completed any other undergraduate degree programme.
  7. The Applicant should not exceed 28 years of age at the time of applying for the Scholarship. 
  8. Applicants under the categories of refugees and students with disabilities should not exceed 32 years of age at the time of applying for the Scholarship.
  9. A refugee applicant must be a recognized and registered refugee with proof (refugee attestation) attached to the application form.

Occupation of the Parents or Guardian

This information must be as detailed as possible. Scanty information will be a disadvantage to your candidature. The following categories are given as a guide but are not exhaustive.

  1. If your father/mother/guardian is or was a businessperson, describe the business e.g. if he/she owns a motor garage, a retail trader, wholesaler or manufacturer, describe the categories of the goods he/she trades in. In addition, give the physical address of the business.
  2. If your father /mother/guardian is employed, state the position held and the organization/Ministry / Company / Agency and the corresponding salary. 
  3. If your father/mother/guardian is in any other economic activity, please specify

Important to note

  1. At most 70% of the Mastercard Foundation Scholars will be awarded to female applicants while 30% will go to Male applicants with further categorization. Females are therefore encouraged to apply

  2. At most 25% of the Mastercard Foundation Scholars shall be awarded to Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs). Young people in this Category are therefore encouraged to apply

  3. At most 10% of the Mastercard Foundation Scholars shall be awarded to Youth with Disabilities. Young people in this category are therefore encouraged to apply

  4. Incomplete application forms will be automatically disqualified.
  5. This program exercises merit principles and zero tolerance for dishonesty. Any form of influence peddling by anybody will lead to the automatic disqualification of the applicant. 

  6. Cases of impersonation, falsification of documents, or giving false/incomplete information, whenever discovered either at the time of receiving the award or afterwards will lead to automatic cancellation of the award, refund of the money already spent on a Mastercard Foundation Scholar, and prosecution in the courts of law of Uganda.
  7. Makerere University appeals to the public to be aware of fraudsters within or outside of the University, who might want to take advantage of the scholarship application process by way of selling scholarship forms or soliciting for money in the hope of securing an applicant a scholarship. THE APPLICATION FORM OF THE MASTERCARD FOUNDATION SCHOLARS PROGRAM AT MAKERERE UNIVERSITY IS FREE OF CHARGE; individuals caught in the act of conning the public will be prosecuted in courts of law.

  8. The Department of Academic Registrar is responsible for all University admissions. All potential Scholarship applicants should meet the requirements to be admitted into the University on the private sponsorship scheme

  9. Only successful applicants will be notified at every stage of the scholarship application process, and the decision of the Program Steering Committee will be final in the awarding of the Mastercard Foundation Scholarship.

  10. Those applicants who will not have heard from us by the end of August 2024 should consider their application unsuccessful.

  11. Filling and submitting an application form does not guarantee a Mastercard Foundation Scholarship at Makerere University.

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